What is Data Security?

Data security is the practice of protecting digital data from destructive forces, unauthorized users and unwanted actions such as a cyber-attack or data breach.

Data is at the core of every organization. Knowing where your data is located and who has access, as well as if your data practices are compliant with current regulations is critical to your business operations. Cyber threats can come both from external and internal sources and having visibility into data flows is a fundamental requirement to understanding where your risks are. With effective governance, visibility and control, encryption and structured monitoring and management, we can secure mission critical data and keep our most critical assets safe.

Secure Mission Critical Data

Effective data protection starts with creating a culture of security within an organization through a mix of technology, training and risk governance. GDS Africa strives to better protect our customers’ data and brand and enable positive business outcomes. We leverage partnerships with leading technology providers and couple that with deep technical knowledge and experience, providing a consultative and comprehensive approach to data privacy and protection by securing mission critical data and improving your security posture