What is Application Security?

Application security refers to the measures taken to prevent vulnerabilities and data breaches by finding, fixing, and enhancing security in applications.

Checking for vulnerabilities and flaws in your applications, both on your network and in the cloud, is fast becoming an essential practice as threats become more prevalent and sophisticated and as hackers increasingly target apps in their attacks. App security should be considered preventatively during development but can also be employed to protect apps already deployed. Tools that integrate into your application development environment can make process and workflow more efficient.

Reduce Your Attack Surface

Securing apps to prevent the exploit of vulnerabilities help reduce your attack surface and ultimately reduce risk and keep your data and operations safe. GDS Africa strives to better protect our customers’ data and brand and enable positive business outcomes. We leverage partnerships with leading technology providers and couple that with deep technical knowledge and experience, providing a consultative and comprehensive approach to reducing your attack surface and improving your security posture.

GDS Africa Service Offerings

GDS Africa offers consultative and assessment services to help manage risk, address compliance, and identify critical gaps in your security program. Need help figuring out where to start?

  • Application Code Review
  • Web Application Assessment
  • Pen Testing
  • Vulnerability Assessment

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