Your Cloud, Your Way

When you’re looking to reduce the cost and management overhead of running your own infrastructure, sometimes a highly-customized hosted solution with white-glove support is the perfect fit. With offerings including Cloud Hosted Infrastructure, Cloud Managed Backup, and Cloud Disaster Recovery, GDS Africa can host your mission-critical workloads or protect your current deployments for confident recovery. Hosted in two data centers on enterprise-class technology, our solutions are all built with security and compliance at the core and feature annual Type 2 SOC 2 and HIPAA attestation examinations to satisfy the most stringent of industries.

Cloud Hosted Infrastructure

For applications requiring a customized hosting platform, GDS Africa Cloud Hosted Infrastructure is an ideal solution. We will meet your application, security, networking, and end-user access requirements—no matter how complex. You’ll reduce capital investments in your data center infrastructure by migrating applications and have access to technologies and capabilities currently unavailable in your own data center. Consumption-based cost models are designed to match the cyclical needs of your applications.

White-glove support from the GDS Africa Managed Services team provides full management of the infrastructure, backup, disaster recovery, and security so that you can focus on managing your applications.

Cloud Managed Backup

Backup is frequently the last line of defense against accidental deletions, hardware outages, and malware. Despite this, backup is commonly one of the most neglected and least-discussed components of IT. GDS Africa Cloud Managed Backup is a fully-managed solution, custom-tailored to your business requirements for short-term onsite retention and long-term cloud retention with regularly-scheduled recovery testing to provide you with ease of mind that your data is protected. Monthly consumption-based pricing eliminates the costs of purchasing backup software, ongoing maintenance, and ongoing licensing upgrades as your data grows. GDS provides turnkey management to offload the burden of backup management from your internal IT team through GDS Managed Services.

Cloud Disaster Recovery

When disaster strikes, confidence in your ability to recover your applications and data is critical. Without regular testing, even the best-laid recovery plans can come up short. Our customized disaster recovery approach is architected to your failover requirements to meet Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs) and Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs) for your critical applications. You’ll eliminate capital investments in unused equipment at a disaster recovery site while benefiting from a flexible consumption-based cost model that adapts to your changing business needs. Regularly-scheduled DR testing ensures continuous improvement and confidence in your ability to failover in a disaster. With the GDS Managed Services team there to assist with your replication, runbooks, and failover, you can rest easy knowing that you’re prepared if disaster strikes.