Software-Defined WAN for Optimizing Communication

Want to integrate with the cloud or take advantage of mobility or the internet of things (IoT)? It can be tough with a traditional wide area network (WAN). Traditional WANs are hard to modify and secure as they become more complex.

We can help you turn a traditional WAN into an agile software-defined WAN (SD-WAN). Using software to orchestrate the WAN allows us to provide load balancing and application-aware behaviors across your infrastructure. These changes enable you to route traffic across specific physical transport connections, lower costs, and improve multisite resource utilization.

Effective Roadmap Modernizes Legacy Networks

We have worked with hundreds of organizations to implement SD-WANs and, in the process, created transport-independent connectivity, improved application performance, optimized user experiences, and automated and simplified network management.

We use a proven engagement model to reduce complexity, increase return on investment, and reduce risk. Our approach addresses the limitations and complexities of the traditional networks and makes cloud and mobility an integral part of your business strategy. Along with providing access to new resources, we use SD-WAN to improve application performance, reduce telecom costs, and streamline moves, adds, and changes (MACs). Our SD-WAN solutions also simplify quality of service (QoS) and path selection, which are historically difficult to deploy and troubleshoot.

SD-WAN Managed Services

GDS Africa can also help you offload the management and remediation of your SD-WAN solution through our Managed Services offering, allowing you to maximize the agility, application control, and efficiency benefits along your cloud journey—while maintaining your internal staff’s focus on strategic business outcomes. You’ll be able to create policies to govern the steering of application traffic to best match your business rules and priorities, increasing uptime, and improving the overall performance of your SD-WAN environment. Also, leveraging built-in advanced security functions provides deep packet inspection and zone-based segmentation within your SD-WAN routing policies. GDS Africa Managed Services provide and maintain segmentation and inspection policies to ensure the solution complies with your organization’s security policy.

Better Connectivity Enhances Agility, Performance, and Security

While improving bandwidth and lowering costs are important, we think it is just as important to fundamentally change how your network is architected, operated, and managed. Understanding these objectives is key if you want to leverage the cloud or pursue digital transformation, mobility, and IoT.

A good roadmap for an SD-WAN engagement includes solutions for centralizing orchestration, policy management, and asset provisioning. To build this understanding, we use automated tools and manual inspection to extract critical data points about the operational state of your WAN environment. Armed with this granular empirical data, we can then determine how traffic behaves and recommend cost-effective options for improving agility, performance, and security.