Maximize Public Cloud Capabilities with GDS Africa

To survive and thrive in this era of digital transformation, you need the ability to rapidly adopt new technologies. While Cloud represents an exciting set of possibilities, it also presents a complex journey and set of decisions.

GDS Africa focuses on helping you determine the right place for all your workloads, both for today and in the future. While 85% of organizations use a multi-cloud strategy, the success and security of a deployment can hinge on creating the right multi-cloud foundation.

Whether you’re looking to deploy new workloads in the cloud, move existing workloads to the cloud, or optimize existing cloud workloads, the experts at GDS can help. Focused outcomes include:

  • Business-aligned cloud strategy
  • Enterprise cloud foundation
  • Multi-cloud readiness
  • Accelerated cloud adoption
  • Optimized cloud deployments

Amazon Web Services

As an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, Marketplace CPPO Partner, and SPP Resell partner, you can rely on GDS to help build and optimize your AWS foundation.

Microsoft Azure

Accelerate and optimize your Azure foundation with GDS, a Microsoft Gold Partner and Azure CSP Resell partner.

Google Cloud Platform

As a GCP Consulting Partner specializing in the modernization of applications utilizing services from GCP, GDS can help with your GCP initiatives.

Microsoft Office 365

Build the right foundation for your Office 365 deployment with GDS, a Microsoft Partner and Office 365 CSP Resell partner.